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What to Look for in Air Conditioning Repair in NYC

NYC is a pleasant place in the late summer and early fall, but not if you don't have air Manhattan Air Conditioning Repairconditioning. Even as the temperatures start to cool off, without a working AC unit things will probably stay a little steamy until at least October.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find an air conditioning repair company in NYC that you can count on for fast, quality service. There are so many businesses out there offering top-of-the-line services at bottom-of-the-barrel prices that it's dizzying. Here are some things to look for so that you get the right help, the first time:

Good Air Conditioning Repair Services

  1. Someone who shows up on time – This may seem like a small thing, but it matters—especially in NYC. Air conditioning repair isn't something you want to spend all of your time on, and your contractor should respect that you're a busy person. They should be on time for any scheduled meeting, whether it's a service visit or a meeting to discuss a quote for a larger commercial job. If they are running late, they should call and let you know as soon as possible. If an air conditioning repair company can't manage these basic steps, it's better to keep looking.
  2. The company is fully insured – Hopefully, the insurance that your air conditioning repair company carries will never be an issue – but if there should be some kind of mishap, from property damage to an injury on the premises, you'll want to know that the company is fully insured and that you will not be on the hook for unexpected expenses. Always ask up-front whether your air conditioning repair company carries insurance and what kind.
  3. They specialize in more than air conditioning and heating – If you just need a Central air conditioning unit fixed, you may not think to ask about your air conditioning repair company's credentials—but they make a difference. Some companies are little more than fix-it men who are guessing at the problem in the unit; others have robust knowledge from working on systems of all kinds, including rooftop units, furnaces, huge HVAC systems and heat pumps. That broader industry knowledge will help them to better diagnose the problem in even the smallest units. And if you're hiring a NYC air conditioning repair company for a commercial job, then that kind of knowledge is a must.
  4. They are fully-equipped – No air conditioning repair outfit should show up without the right tools for the job and then need to go fetch things they didn't think they'd need. Make sure your air conditioning repair company has all the equipment it will need to do your job quickly and efficiently.
  5. They are experienced – Any handyman can call himself an air conditioning repair expert, but experience speaks for itself. Look for companies who have decades of experience with air conditioning repair in NYC.

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