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Spotting a Shady HVAC Contractor

Many people have been ripped off in some way by hiring a illegitimate HVAC contractor. A lot of times, it can be quite difficult to distinguish a reputable HVAC contractor from an HVAC scammer? Here are some telltale signs that you may be dealing with a shady HVAC contractor -

How to Spot a Shady HVAC Contractor

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Curiously low pricing. While we all want to get a good deal on home repairs, going with the lowest price could cost you later. Experts say if you see an HVAC tune-up special for $29 to $39, you’re probably dealing with a HVAC contractor who plans to lose money on the front end but make it up and then some on unnecessary repairs. They will come to your home and look for ways to make up the loss. A legitimate HVAC contractor may charge double or triple that amount for an inspection, but you’ll end up paying for the service you actually need. Paying for equipment and installation up front will save you money and headaches in the long-term.

NO price list available. A reputable HVAC contractor is prepared to show you in detail what they will charge for specific repairs and other services. They will either have a price book or digital pricing available for you to review. If a contractor is unwilling to come forth with pricing upon request, they are NOT the one for you.

Doesn’t want you present during inspection and/or repair. Your HVAC contractor should allow you to be there during inspection and show you how he came to the conclusion regarding his diagnosis. He should also explain what instruments were used, how they work and why he recommends that specific repair. If he doesn’t want you around, the HVAC contractor may perform unnecessary repairs and/or install subpar parts or equipment.

No proof of licensing, badge, or company uniform. Most good HVAC contractors require employees to wear a badge and/or uniform with their name and the company name while on service calls. If they can’t provide any of the above, it's not a good sign.

No proof of being in business for a while. Does the HVAC contractor have a website? Positive reviews over several years on review sites? Are they more than a cell phone number on Craig’s List? These are important things to look into.

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