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Do You Need Ventilation Repair?

You may not be able to see most of the ductwork from inside your house, but you can sometimes detect that the ducts are suffering from problems like air leaks and breaks. Because even the smallest leak along the ventilation ducts will cause the air pressure inside to drop and affect your heating and cooling, you must call on ventilation repair professionals when the signs of damage appear. Here are 3 major indicators that you need ventilation repair services:

Signs That You Need Ventilation Repair

  1. New York City Ventilation RepairDrop in airflow from the vents: The airtight sealing along ductwork prevents the airflow from the HVAC system from losing pressure. A single leak along this seal can cause as much as a 30% plunge in pressure, and that will lower the HVAC system’s ability to condition your home properly. If you notice that the air from your vents feels weaker than usual, call for technicians to check to see if you need ventilation repair services.
  2. Increase in heating/cooling bills: The pressure drop due to damaged ducts will force your air conditioner or heater to start to work harder to compensate. This will raise your heating bills above their normal level. A spike in utility bills could also indicate trouble within the HVAC system, but regardless, you will need to call for technicians to investigate and solve the problem.
  3. Musty/moldy smells: Breaks in the ducts will draw in stale air from closed-off parts of the house, such as in between walls and in crawlspaces. These spots are not only stuffier than other parts of a home, they usually contain dust and dirt that will enter into the ducts. The resulting musty odors will warn you that the you need ventilation repair or replacement.

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