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Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Environmental control is important for many situations: keeping your home comfortable, providing a welcoming environment for customers, and several others. CoolWorks Co. has created a comprehensive program designed to keep your commercial or residential air conditioning and heating system operating at its peak efficiency.

The benefits of our preventive maintenance contract:

  • Reduced equipment failure and down time
  • Priority service for our maintenance contract holders
  • Higher comfort level to occupants
  • Reduced energy consumption which can save anywhere from 5% up to 20% on utility bills
  • Adds years to equipment life
  • Scheduled maintenance provides greater convenience to the customer

Our Preventive Maintenance Agreement

A full inspection shall be made on all equipment covered under the agreement. For most customers, quarterly maintenance is recommended. During the inspection, we will report to the customer any abnormalities that may be found and correct them at the customer’s discretion.

What is covered under the maintenance agreement:

  • All labor required to inspect, repair, replace filters and belts, and functionally clean and align will be coved under the maintenance agreement.
  • All moving parts including shafts, bearings, blower wheels, motors, and compressors shall be properly lubricated as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.
  • At the time of service, all pulleys, shafts, and wheels are to be properly aligned and all belt tensions adjusted.
  • Condensate drip pans, traps, and clean outs will be thoroughly cleaned for proper condensate removal, including a check of the condensate removal pump and float switch.
  • All motor ventilation holes are to be thoroughly cleaned for proper motor cooling.
  • Head pressure control devices, including water regulating valves, condenser air dampers, and motor speed devices are to be checked and adjusted at time of service.
  • All unit safety controls are to be checked at time of service and adjusted as required.
  • System is to be thoroughly tested for any refrigerant leaks and proper refrigerant level is to be maintained.
  • General cleaning of evaporators and condensers will be performed during time of service.

Cool Works has dedicated preventive maintenance technicians and dedicated repair technicians in order to provide you with the best possible heating and air conditioning service in NYC.