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The type of thermostat that will work best for you will depend on a variety of factors including the size of your home and the types of features that you are likely to use.

Programmable Digital Thermostats
One of the most useful features of many digital thermostats is their ability to be programmed. Rather than having to manually adjust the thermostat every time you want to turn the heat or air conditioning up or down, you will only need to preset the temperature that you would like your system to maintain at certain times of day. The thermostat will do the rest.

Wireless Thermostats
Wireless thermostats are a relatively new addition to the market, but they are quickly growing in popularity. This is due to their versatility, as well as their ability to control temperatures from your smart phone or from a computer.

Since they do not need to be physically connected to your heating or cooling system, wireless thermostats can be located anywhere in your business. In fact, you can have multiple access panels put in or even use a remote control without having to physically touch it to change the temperature. Wireless thermostats are also considered to be a more energy efficient option because of their ability to control temperatures so precisely.

Our local technicians are ready to serve NYC customers on short notice and Cool Works can schedule regular thermostat inspections in advance. Providing thermostat repair in NYC since 1986, Cool Works has helped countless businesses maintain an efficient, dependable heating and cooling system with regular thermostat inspections, repairs and replacement. Trust in our expertise earned through years of local experience.
We service a wide variety of customers for thermostats in NYC, and carry a large selection of thermostat models to meet the unique needs of each customer. Whether you need a modern touchscreen thermostat, or want to upgrade to a model that is programmable or works with multiple zones, Cool Works has quality models from the leading manufacturers, all backed by our commitment to customer service.

Digital setback thermostats are available in what are called 5+2 day configurations and 7-day configurations. The difference is flexibility. A 5+2 day configuration allows you to set Monday–Friday as a group setting with up to four different time settings. This configuration also allows you to set Saturday and Sunday as a separate group with up to four different time settings per day. The 7-day configuration thermostat allows you to program each day differently with up to four different time settings per day.

HVAC life-extending. Because your heating and cooling systems run less often when controlled by a programmable thermostat, they undergo less wear and tear. This can delay expensive repairs and replacements while also extending the lifetime of key unit components.