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Commercial Humidification

Commercial Humidification
Maintaining proper humidity levels is vital for achieving optimal indoor conditions in commercial spaces. Cool Works carries and installs commercial steam humidifiers for companies and individuals with large indoor spaces in the New York City area. With a humidifier installed, you can control the humidity levels in your building. This enables you to store a variety of products that are sensitive to environmental conditions and keep them safe.

When it comes to commercial humidifiers, you have a choice. You can either integrate the system into your existing duct work or keep it separate and have moisture introduced directly from the humidifier into your building. If you're unsure about what's best, our qualified HVAC technicians can help you make that choice. Not every commercial building requires the same humidification and HVAC system. At Cool Works, we aim to provide long-term solutions appropriate for you building's unique layout and purpose.

In addition to selling and installing humidifiers, we also offer:

  • Maintenance and reparation services
  • Integration of humidifier into your existing air conditioning and heating system
  • A standby team of HVAC experts to answer any of your questions

What's great about the systems we install is that they spray microscopic water droplets. The humidifying process remains unseen while working toward its goal of keeping your building storage- and operation-friendly.

To learn how our NYC humidification services can improve your commercial space, call Cool Works today at 212-321-2665.