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Commercial Duct Work

Commercial Duct Work

The duct work is what brings all of your HVAC equipment together. It snakes along the ceiling of your building and carries fresh, climate-controlled air to every nook and cranny of your indoor space. Without duct work, your air conditioning andheating systems are virtually useless.

At Cool Works, our skilled technicians know how to integrate all components of your HVAC system. With our commercialduct work installation and repair services, we increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling and, consequently, save you money.

What separates us from other HVAC companies is our dedication to installation excellence. This means that we use durablesheet metal ductwork and ensure that every piece is connected in a seamless fashion.

In addition to installing ductwork, we also repair it. If you notice inefficiencies in your heating/cooling system or rising costs, this could be the result of unproductive ductwork patterns or leaks. If you're a commercial building owner in NYC and believe your HVAC system can be improved, it probably can. Our technicians are qualified at diagnosing and fixing problems to reduce energy costs and achieve consistency in temperature throughout your entire building.

Remember, you can have the best HVAC equipment available, but it requires proper ductwork to work correctly. To improve your heating and cooling system, call Cool Works today at 212-321-2665 for ductwork installation and repair.