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City Multi Mini Spilt

City Multi Mini Spilt

Quality and reliability from a name you know: Mitsubishi Electric
CITY MULTI is the first two-pipe simultaneous cooling and heating system available in the United States. Yet our technology has a long, proven track record of quality and reliability around the world. Mitsubishi Electric, an acknowledged global industry leader, has installed CITY MULTI zoning systems in buildings throughout Asia, Europe, and elsewhere for nearly twenty years with great success and customer satisfaction. Let a All Climate representative show you how you can put the ultimate cooling and heating system to work for you and your customers right here, right now.Zoning advantage
The best way to ensure total comfort for the occupants of offices, schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, hotels, and more is to provide each individual zone with a personalized comfort system. Zoning offers maximum individual comfort and energy savings because only the zones that need air conditioning receive it. Each zone of the CITY MULTI System has its own indoor unit or group of indoor units that precisely control the indoor temperature while operating at the most optimum energy usage. You set the comfort level, then relax.The CITY MULTI VRFZ (Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning)
System takes advantage of inverter technology by varying the speed of the compressor in the outdoor unit to meet the changing load requirements in each of the indoor zones. An energy wasting "dump zone" for excess hot or cold air as used with a typical zoning system is not necessary with CITY MULTI systems. Our system recycles the energy in other zones to provide comfort only to the zones calling for air conditioning.

Complete zoning system
A CITY MULTI VRFZ System consists of an outdoor unit, a branch circuit (BC) Controller [depending on series], multiple indoor units, and corresponding system and zone controllers.

Installation of this fully integrated zoning system is fairly simple. The outdoor unit, the BC Controller, and each of the indoor units are connected by a two-pipe refrigerant system. The outdoor unit and the BC Controller, depending on series, work in unison to deliver a variation of refrigerant flow to each indoor unit. The Direct Digital Controls system controls network link between the indoor units with the BC Controller and the outdoor unit to provide convenient control of the entire system. Separate remote controllers connected to individual indoor units - or groups of indoor units - provide individual zone control.

These controllers provide a wide variety of configuration settings to satisfy each zone's requirements, including temperature control and timer settings.

Easy to install, easier to operate
CITY MULTI is a simple, two-pipe system with easy, non-polar, two-wire control connections. These features add up to less labor and materials, quicker, easier installation, and a much lower overall operating cost for the building owner.