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How Can You Save Some Cash on Air Conditioner Service?

The days are getting warmer and more muggy in the Manhattan area. It seems the time has come to give your air conditioner its annual check-up. AC units require regular maintenance to maintain their optimum performance. Following these tips will help you save money by lessening the need for professional air conditioner service.

Ways to Help Reduce the Need for Air Conditioner Service

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  1. Changing filter - Central AC systems should have their filters changed at least once every few months. If you've neglected the chore, now's a good time to replace the filter before it becomes an issue that requires professional air conditioner service.
  2. Cleaning the vents - A regular dusting several times a year is a must. But if you've forgotten to do so, it's best to take care of ASAP. You could also consider having a professional air conditioner service give your air ducts and vents a thorough cleaning.
  3. Are there items blocking the condensing unit? - The part of your air conditioner that draws air into the system needs to be uncovered. Any items stored in your AC closet for the winter must come out. Also take the time to clean things such as leaves from around the unit.
  4. Check your freon levels - Your air conditioner isn't consuming freon coolant, so under ideal conditions, the freon would never need to be filled or changed. But you could have an HVAC tech check for a leak or another abnormality as part of your annual air conditioner service plan.
  5. Check everything else - If you're going to have a professional HVAC company come in to check the freon, also have them check that the electrical controls and coils are in top shape. A professional air conditioner service can also calibrate your thermostat.

Cool Works NY has been providing Manhattan with quality air conditioner service for over 25 years. We ensure that your air conditioning system is always working as efficiently and effectively.  We’ll do everything necessary to keep you as comfortable as possible, and offer a complete range of air conditioning and heating products and services to meet your needs.  Manhattan service area includes: Tribeca, SoHo, Greenwich Village, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Lenox Hill, and more.

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