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Reliable Heating Services

Insuring that you have reliable heating services to your home or business before the weather gets cold will save you time, money, and frustration!  It will also keep you from the discomfort of a broken or inefficient heating system when Jack Frost comes knocking on your door (or even when you just want to relax with a hot shower!).  Here are some of the things you need to do to have reliable heating services and keep your units running most efficiently:

Guide to Reliable Heating Services

1.  Call a Professional you can Trust.

handshakeThe first step in establishing reliable heating services in your home or business is to call a professional you can trust.  Unless your heating unit was just installed (within the past year), it is important to have a professional HVAC company service your system to keep it running most efficiently.  This will save you time in the long run and also open the lines of communication with a great service company who can offer any additional services, repairs, or installations that you will need in the future.

2.  Change Filters and Bleed Radiators

Hot-water radiators are in need of "bleeding" to burp the air from the system before it turns on at the start of your heating season.  It's also important to change filters as soon as they become dirty, clogged, or old.

3.  Consider an Thermostat Upgrade

Considering the use of a "smart" thermostat or an upgraded thermostat will help your unit run more efficiently and therefore give you more reliable heating services. Your thermostat controls when your heater turns on and off in relation to the temperature it is set to.  With a traditional thermostat, if you are away for the weekend, you will probably be paying to heat your home to the comfortable temperature you would be if you were home.  A "smart" thermostat can be controlled by a mobile device or preset "vacation mode" to lower the desired temperature when you are not home for a long period of time, thus saving you money and helping your unit to work less.

4.  Working Fans and Clean, Sealed Air Ducts

ceiling fanBe sure the fans in your home or business are working and used appropriately to aid in the heating and cooling of your space.  In addition, check to be sure your air ducts are kept clean and appropriately sealed.  Remember, duct tape, regardless of it's name, is not the best sealer for ducts.

Reliable Heating Services from Cool Works:

From our list above, you can see four things to consider to keep your own heating unit running so you have reliable heating services to your home or business.  Here are some of the reliable heating services offered by Cool Works to insure you are always safe, clean, and comfortable in your heated space.  These services will also help to insure your unit(s) are running most efficiently:

1.  Commercial and Residential

Because Cool Works Air Conditioning & Heating services both homes and businesses in the New York City area, they have the knowledge and experience to best meet your needs, regardless of the space you are heating.  They will provide you with trustworthy, professional, appropriately priced, and reliable heating services throughout the year!  Choosing a company that works with both commercial and residential customers is a better bet than one who is specialized in each.  It means they afford businesses the friendliness and respect of entering your private home, and residents the professionalism and promptness required of working with big (and small) companies.

2.  Installation

installer2Cool Works NY works to quickly, correctly, and efficiently install your commercial heating units whether they are gas heaters, electric duct heaters, or fan coils.  Click here to read more about our commercial heating options.  In addition, Cool Works offers all of the best products and reliable heating services for residential homes including gas furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pumps, ductless heating, and zone control systems.  Click here to read more about our residential heating options.

3.  Maintenance and Repairs

No matter what your heating system, Cool Works handles every type of maintenance and repair to insure that your system is working as reliably as possible.  Whether your unit is just not making the right sounds, is not making any sound at all, isn't effectively heating your home or your water . . . you name it, and Cool Works can fix it!  Don't forget to schedule your maintenance well before the time for a repair comes around!  It will save you time and money in the long run!

4.  Additional Services

In addition to offering the best reliable heating services in New York, Cool Works also offers the best air conditioning, ventilation, humidification, duct work, thermostats, and air quality filtrations systems in the city.  Call us today at 212-321-2665, and we'll get you off on the right start for the most reliable heating services you've ever had!

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