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Cool Works can help you with any of your facility's ventilation issues. We install, repair, and maintain a variety of ventilation solutions, including make-up air units and exhaust fans.

Commercial Make-Up Air Units

These commercial make-up air units help maintain good indoor air quality in commercial buildings, including medical facilities, apartment buildings, schools, and restaurants. They help keep a proper air balance pressure between rooms, so that you can keep odors in one area from reaching another.

Commercial make-up air units also help you meet ASHRAE mandated ventilation rates, and because they are direct-fired, 100% of the energy stays indoors. Make-up air units also help offset the negative pressure associated with buildings with exhaust systems.

Commercial Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans help eliminate odors and improve indoor air quality. Commercial kitchen fans can also help remove moisture, which can help reduce humidity levels and reduce mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.

Cool Works can install individual exhaust fans, associated duct, and hoods. We can also design and install a central exhaust system for your building, which can draw air from several parts of your building using a network of ducts.

In addition to installing make-up air units and exhaust fans, we also offer continuing maintenance and service to keep them operating properly.

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