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Picking an HVAC Repair Company

It's not very thrilling to wake up to find that your central furnace or air conditioner has stopped working. Now you need to find an HVAC repair company. Many homeowners do not have an ongoing relationship with an HVAC repair company and, with so many out there, how do they know which one to hire? The heating and cooling industry is quite technical compared to other trades. The training and certification process is intense, and it takes a someone many years before they are considered a qualified journeyman. Here are some things to look for when you are searching for a HVAC repair contractor:

What to Look for In an HVAC Repair Contractor

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  • Contractor Qualifications - There is simply no substitute for experience when it comes to HVAC repair. There are many different equipment brands and models with a variety of options and features. The experienced HVAC repair contractor has a full staff of service technicians who are proficient in repairing virtually any brand of equipment. In most instances, they do not have to consult the service adviser or reference a technical manual, which saves time and money.
  • Dealer Certifications and Awards - Dealer certifications and awards serve as a basis for comparing the experience and qualifications of different contractors. Recognized industry awards are given to HVAC repair companies who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the industry and customer service.
  • Emergency Service and Maintenance Agreements: Cooling and heating maintenance agreements serve as an excellent way to ensure your comfort system continues to perform efficiently over an extended life-cycle. A service agreement typically features two semiannual visits from qualified technicians who run a series of tests, inspections and calibrations designed to improve performance and expose hidden problems. In most cases, maintenance plans also include a provision for emergency priority service if your system breaks down unexpectedly. Since the majority of mechanical failures happen during severe weather, customers with a maintenance agreement usually receive priority service ahead of everyone else. Ask your HVAC repair contractor to provide maintenance plan options that include 24/7 prioritized emergency service.
  • The Professional HVAC Repair Company Advantage - A quality contractor should never be reluctant to share references, awards, certifications and work history. Your local state building department can provide information related to license issues and outstanding complaints. It is highly recommended for homeowners to scrutinize the dealer’s resume before signing a contract or purchase agreement.

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