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NYC Cooling Tower Maintenance Tips

Looking for the best NYC Cooling Tower Maintenance?  Whether you've just started your searching, have already found the best professional for the job, or are interested in learning more about what you can do to keep your cooling tower in tip top shape, you've come to the right place!  Here are some of the best tips for NYC Cooling Tower Maintenance that you should always keep in mind.

NYC Cooling Tower Maintenance 101

Keep your unit well maintained.

May be needless to say, but keeping your tower well maintained is going to keep it in tip top shape.  This will also insure that you don't have a huge break down at the most inconvenient time.  Thirdly, regularly maintenance will help protect you from humungous replacement expenses if your unit completely breaks down and is unfixable.  Routine maintenance will help save you money in electricity costs by keeping it running at it's optimum efficiency.  Noting the following steps will also extent the operating life of your NYC Cooling Tower!

NYC Cooling Tower Maintenance - #1

Take an overall check of the condition of your cooling tower unit.  Listen for any unusual noises and look for anything that appears dirty, leaky, unkempt, or insecure.  Note each of these things individually and be sure to check them off before carrying on with routine monthly and seasonal maintenance.  Be sure each note has been solved either to your own satisfaction or by checking with a service professional.

Safety FirstNYC Cooling Tower Maintenance

As always, be sure you are taking all of the best safety precautions before performing any maintenance or checks on your equipment.  Follow all of the proper lock-out procedures before beginning any work on the unit.  Also be sure to disconnect motor switches completely, don't just turn them off.  This is essential.  It is also important to never perform or attempt to perform maintenance on your unit alone.  Always have a spotter with a cell phone to call for help if necessary.  If you are uncertain of how to perform certain maintenance functions, just call a professional.  The money you would have saved by doing the work yourself is not worth the injury that could happen from lack of experience or knowledge.

NYC Cooling Tower Maintenance - General Cleaning

Here are some of the things you will need to clean in general and regularly to properly maintain your unit:

  • Clean debris from the strainers to be sure the system is not stopped up or crowded by excess material.
  • Clean accumulated dirt from the cold water basin through the sump strainer or tower drain.  This will be sure the water filtration is working optimally and not allowing dirt to collect.  If you are interested in automatic maintenance for this job, consider installing a basin sweeper piping.  In addition to your water filtration system, this will take care of the job.

NYC Cooling Tower Maintenance - Other Inspections

Here are the things you will need to inspect regularly to be sure your unit is running in tip top shape:

  • Consider the water distribution system to be sure there are not dry areas above the fill coil section.  If there are dry areas, that means the section is not being fully wetted which can lead to scale buildup.  This will decrease system capacity.  Be sure none of the nozzles are cracked or clogged.
  • Inspect the makeup water supply to be sure the correct water level is set and maintained to conserve water.  This will also act in reducing air entrainment.
  • You should be regularly checking the oil level and quality of your machine.
  • You should also be regularly checking the shaft alignment of your gear drive system.

NYC Cooling Tower Maintenance - General Adjustments

Finally, consider the final general adjustments that should be made to properly maintain your cooling tower:

  • According to your local water rate regulations for water quality and evaporation, adjust the bleed rate of your unit.  This will prevent the accumulation of solids and other debris in water that is being recirculated through the system.
  • Insure the best belt-drive system performance by fixing any tension problems on the belt.  This is important to be keep your belts working optimally and will prevent the need to replace them more often.
  • Fan shaft bearings need to be lubricated approximately every three months be sure they are properly maintained.  Alternatively, install an automatic bearing greaser.  It will do the job for you.

NYC Cooling Tower Maintenance

When in doubt, leave it to a professional.  Cool Works NY is the Air Conditioning and Heating company that has been serving New York City for over 25 years.

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