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Commercial and Residential AC Maintenance

All current day air conditioners work efficiently for many years as long as you take appropriate care of them. You need to clean unclog the water drain hole, clean or replace their filters, and clean debris trapped between its cooling fins. Commercial and Residential AC tune-ups are essential for efficient equipment. These are the basics.…
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We Replace and Install Rooftop Units

Like any other commercial cooling system, a rooftop unit must be professionally installed if it is to operate accurately. Not only are there the planning of getting the system up on the rooftop to deal with, but you must also know for sure that your system is the right size for your needs. Cool Works…
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Commercial Chiller Services

Commercial Chiller Services, We are Experienced Pros in Specialized Solutions In addition to providing our customers with professional solutions for new chillers, our pros can also provide recommendations and perform retrofit services on many of your Heating and air conditioning components. We provide a range of commercial chiller services to the NYC area including: Adjustable…
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What is Chronic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Chronic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning usually involves lower levels of the gas in the air and lower blood CO (COHb) concentrations. Exposure usually continues for many days to months. The boundary limit between acute and chronic exposure is indistinct. The word chronic should be reserved to describe the type of exposure, not the subsequent condition or…
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