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Does Your System Need AC Repair Services

The summer months in the NYC area is not the best time to discover that your AC isn't in working order. There are some signs that can indicate your are in need of some AC repair services before it totally poops out on you. It's recommended to get your cooling system checked out if you're noticing any of the following things:

Indicators that You Need AC Repair Services

  • AC Repair Services in NYC | Manhattan AC Repair ServicesAC is Constantly Running - If your air conditioner seems to be running continually rather than turning on and off in response to climatic temperature changes, there may be a problem with the unit’s thermostat requiring pro AC repair services.
  • Sudden Rise in Energy Bills - Noticing a sudden spike in your energy bills for no apparent reason is another red flag that your cooling system is wasting your money rather than operating at energy-saving efficiency. It’s normal to see some increase in the amount of your electric bill during those summer months when your air conditioning needs may be the greatest or during rare occasions when there is an unseasonal heat spell. But a sudden increase in your total energy bill without a corresponding increase in usage is a major indicator that professional AC repair services are needed ASAP.
  • Circuit Breaker Trips When AC Unit is Turned On - Another problem indicating you need AC repair services is if the circuit breaker in your home or building trips every time the AC is turned on. This may mean that there is a short circuit that needs attention in the unit or your electrical system cannot handle the sudden overload of energy required when the unit turns on to begin its cooling cycle.
  • AC Unit Doesn't Always/At All Turn On - This indicates that either your unit is in need of some serious AC repair services. Units that are finicky and don’t turn on and off properly each and every time are also in need of inspection.

Do You Need Professional NYC AC Repair Services?

Cool Works NY has been is a a licensed and professional HVAC company in Manhattan. We ensure that your air conditioning unit is always working as efficiently and effectively.  Our service area includes: Tribeca, SoHo, Greenwich Village, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Lenox Hill, and more.

Contact them today at (201) 321-2665 or visit the website.

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