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Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring an HVAC Company

Eventually, a homeowner will have to hire an HVAC company for repairs or maintenance services. There are many different companies out there, and not all provide the same quality service. Finding the right one isn't always a simple task. To help you, here are some common mistakes homeowners make when hiring an HVAC Company.

Hiring an HVAC Company - Common Mistakes

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  • Not Determining Whether a Company is Actually a Professional Heating Service. To many it may seem crazy that an HVAC company would take out a professional ad in the phone book or over the Internet when it's not licensed to perform the work. Surprisingly enough, this can be pretty common. In some cases, unlicensed outfits have lots of official knowledge from having worked with a legit HVAC company. But you can never be sure, making it better to insist on HVAC licensure. 
  • Hiring an HVAC Company that Isn’t Insured for Damages. The likelihood of your property being damaged during the project isn't high, but has happened before It's always better to be safe than sorry. Companies that carry insurance are prepared for such occasions, while companies that lack insurance aren’t. If you hire the latter and they damage your property, expect to be left with no option but to pursue the matter in court. Then expect to be left with no option but to sell your settlement for less than face value to a debt collector, because companies rarely pay for damages willingly when they don’t carry insurance.
  • Accepting an Evaluation After a Cold Call. Generally, the types of contractors that engage in cold calling to secure in home evaluations are those that aren’t very established or those that commit scams, and it can be tough to tell the difference. In the case of a scammer, a contractor will inspect your systems and state that they need repair or replacement, whether they do or not. In a best-case scenario, you’ll end up paying for nothing. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll end up with improperly performed repairs or an improperly installed AC unit or furnace.
  • Not Getting Everything in a WRITTEN CONTRACTFrom the time it will take to complete the project to the type and brand of materials to be used, getting every aspect of your HVAC repair or replacement project in writing is key to ensuring that everything ends as expected. Because HVAC companies aren’t bound to honor verbal agreements, they sometimes extend a project’s length or use other than discussed materials when they aren’t bound to a written contract. Even if you hire an HVAC company that your friends or relatives claim is extremely honest from firsthand experience, getting everything in writing will ensure that the company stays that way.

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