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Heating Services to Consider

Whether or not you are heating your house at the moment, considering available heating services that may upgrade your system will save you time and money in the long run.  An up to date and efficiently running heating system will also keep you happy, healthy, and warm in the coldest winter months.  Great insulation will help you keep those brisk and chilly winds out.  If you're looking to improve or even just keep up your heating system, here are some heating services to consider:

Heating Services to Consider

seasonalSeasonal Check Ups

The change of seasons is an excellent time to have your air conditioner, heater, and/or air purification system checked on.  You want to prepare for the season when your system will be working the hardest.  That means, call for a system check up and general maintenance in the Spring before you are constantly running your air conditioner; get your heating services done in the Fall, before the first frost or even the first time the temps sink below your comfortable room temperature; get your air purification system checked before allergy season!  These simple seasonal checks may be very quick, or they may uncover some upgrades and maintenance that will need to be done.  Know what you are getting into before the season when you need those systems the most!

Consider a Programmable Thermostat

Upper West Side HVAC Maintenance | Manhattan HVAC ContracotrIf you are looking for a great way to increase the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems, a thermostat update is one of the heating services you need to consider.  Installing a programmable thermostat will more accurately manage the temperature of your home and gives you more options as to when the heat or air conditioning is running and when it's peaks and valleys are.  For example, if you like to sleep in the cool of night, a programmable thermostat will allow you the convenience of sleeping at a lower temperature without having to nudge at the temperature every evening.  You can also have the heat gradually raised for your wakeup time so you don't have a freezing room to step into from your warm bed.  One of the best uses for a programmable thermostat is during travel or days of the week you may be away.  The temperature will be kept low to conserve energy, heat, and electricity when necessary.

Other Heating Services to Consider

Other heating services to consider include basic maintenance (air filter changes, duct cleaning and inspection, etc.) and upgrades.  If you keep up on your basic seasonal and yearly maintenance and take advantage of any upgrades available from your HVAC specialist, you shouldn't ever run into major overhaul or repair costs, excepting, of course, the unprecedented.  A phone call is free - so give your local heating services specialist a call and see what they suggest to keep you up and running for the most bang for your buck!

Cool Works Air Conditioning & Heating is the leading heating services, repair and installation company in the greater Manhattan area!  Serving both commercial and residential, Cool Works offers a wide range of products and services to keep your air, healthy, clean, and comfortable.  Call today for more information!


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