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Heating Repair Tips for Fall

Heating repair may not be the first thing on your mind as the weather moves from the "chill" relaxation of Summer to the literal chill of Fall and Winter.  But getting that heating repair maintenance all wrapped up and any necessary repairs taken care of before the first frost is your best bet to keep your systems running efficiently.  It will also insure you have the best set up for hot water and a warm thermostat come Winter.

Though there are some basic maintenance procedures you could do on your own (checking the pilot light, changing the air filter or filters, checking any belts and vents, patching up any leaks, etc.), some things call for a heating repair professional.  Here are some sure signs that you need to call in for servicing:

Fall Heating Repair Tips

1.  Soot Deposits

If you find soot deposits anywhere near your heating unit, it is definitely in need of repair.  Soot doesn't only stick around fire places, but anywhere combustion has occurred.  If you're finding that fine, black powdery dirt around your unit or any part of your heating system, you may have a cracked heat exchanger.  If this is the case, it can probably be repaired, but may need to be replaced altogether.  Your burners may also be in need of an adjustment.  Soot deposits are a sure sign to call a professional heating repair company.

black-soot2.  Short Cycles

After your furnace starts working, if it seems to be turning on and off after a period of only a few minutes, it has ventured into something termed "short cycling."  This can happen when the thermostat is out of adjustment or broken or if your heat exchanger is overheating.  In the latter case, the burner will turn off automatically (typically a good thing, as this is a safety feature for you and your home or business).  Short cycling wastes an incredible amount of energy, so call a professional if this starts to happen.

3.  Noises, Clanging, Rumbling, etc.

If you are dealing with forced air heat, rumbling, popping, clanging, or other odd noises are not normal.  They may be possible with a hot water or steam heating system, but not the former.  If you hear unusual noises coming from your heating unit, call a professional.

4.  Flame Irregularity

Occasionally check to be sure that the flames from your heat exchanger in your furnace are in an even, regular row.  If they aren't, if they are not lined up in even rows or are leaning towards the back of the unit, get your heater checked out.  Your burners may be sneezingdirty, or you may have a cracked heat exchanger.  Call a professional.

5. Chronic Illness

The last is a huge concern for homeowners and business owners alike.  If you have flu-like symptoms or persistent headaches and can't pinpoint the cause, there may be a leak in your heating system.  Sometimes carbon monoxide or combustion can be released into your living or working space without a carbon monoxide detector knowing.  If you have these ailments and want to cover all of your bases, check with a heating repair professional to be sure all of your systems are running cleanly and efficiently.  And, while they're at it, ask about an air purification system.

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