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Heating and Air Conditioning Routine Maintenance

All heating and air conditioning systems need routine maintenance and tune-ups by trained experts who know what to look for. We at Cool Works are service experts in Air Conditioning and Heating in New York City. Our experienced technicians are fully prepared to carry out effectively expert commercial air conditioning & heating maintenance designed to satisfy or exceed all significant manufacturers’ recommendations.

At Cool Works Air Conditioning & Heating our Planned Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement is prepared to identify problems when they are small, and not big challenges. When you have the industry’s best commercial cooling and heating team on your side – you have got not only reliability, but dependability. You are planning ahead.

If you have ever been left without an operable air conditioner on a hot summer day, then you know how annoying and miserable this can be. In fact, it can even be hazardous if your indoor temperatures get too high.

  • Change Filter Regularly: The single most important thing you can do is change your air conditioner's filter about once a month during the peak cooling season. The filter is responsible for keeping your air conditioner's parts clean and assures undisturbed operation.
  • Keep Outdoor Coil Clean: Your air conditioner's outdoor coil will surely increase debris over time. Cleaning it every so often will help improve your system's efficiency and avert unnecessary problems.

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