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Heat Pump Replacement – Everything to Know

So, you've opted in for the much more efficient and updated heat pump to heat and cool your home or office, but do you know all there is to know about heat pump replacement?  Here we will examine the When, How Much, and What to Do concerning heat pump replacement.

Heat Pump Replacement WHW (When, How What)


First, it's important to know when you will be needing a heat pump replacement.  The average functioning time of a heat pump is from ten to fifteen years, though of course there can be outliers less than ten or more than fifteen years old that are in need of replacement.  In general, the efficiencies of heat pump systems increase by up to twenty percent every ten years.  That means that a heat pump produced in 2003 will be twenty percent less efficient than one produced in 2013 (on average).  It will pay in efficiency costs to replace your heat pump!

whenAfter considering the age of your unit, note it's average performance.  If you are requiring frequent repairs or your cooling and heating bills are higher than you think they should be, you may want to consider a newer model or a basic heat pump replacement.  In addition, consider the general efficiency of the working area.  An outdated heat pump may leave some rooms less comfortable than others or may make a lot more noise when it is working than it used to.

How Much Will it Cost?

The cost of a heat pump replacement will vary depending on several factors.  First, what is the size of your unit, and what area is it heating and cooling?  Be sure to check with a professional that you trust to outline for you how much power you need for the space you are heating and cooling.  The size of your heat pump will change the cost, as will it's efficiency.  Though it's always best to go with the very highest efficiency rating you can afford, be sure you are staying within your means.  And finally, consider the cost of installation when budgeting for this renovation.  A large unit in an awkward area may

An efficiently running heating / cooling system will quickly pay for itself.

An efficiently running heating / cooling system will quickly pay for itself.

require several crew members up to a few days to replace an old system with a new heat pump.  Especially if an electrician is involved, this can be rather pricey.  Just be sure you know what you are getting into before you sign anything by asking for a full written cost estimate from your contractor/HVAC specialist.

What to Do

So what are the next steps to heat pump replacement?  First, call a reputable company to assess the situation.  And don't be afraid to get a second opinion or estimate.  Ask them to determine how much longer they think the unit will last and inquire about any higher efficiency ratings you may be able to get in a replacement.  Don't be afraid to ask for references, and also ask about service contracts and unit warranties.  Finally check with your local utility company who may prove a subsidy back to your for a highly efficient heat pump replacement.

For more information on heat pump replacement, or to have your unit serviced or evaluated for optimum efficiency, call Cool Works NY.


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