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Furnace Replacement – It’s Time.

As the weather gets colder you may be wondering when it might be time to inquire about furnace replacement.  First, you will want to consider the age of your unit.  Most models can last between twenty and thirty years unless something out of the ordinary happens.  Here are some tell tale signs to consider to know that it is indeed time for a furnace replacement.

Knowing When It's Time for a Furnace Replacement

time for a furnace replacementFirst, if your furnace needs frequent repairs and is quickly depleting your savings account, you may want to consider looking into a furnace replacement.  In addition, here are some other signs that you may be better off with a newer model:

  1. Your monthly energy bills are increasing even when your monthly use of energy is staying the same.
  2. You have started having problems with humidity in your home, either too much or too little, something that you had not had in the past.
  3. Some rooms in your home or office building are warmer than others and there doesn't seem to be consistency in temperature.
  4. You notice visible rusting around your furnace or inside of it.
  5. Your furnace is making unusual sounds that might include hums, rattles, or buzzes you have not noticed before.
  6. Your furnace is turning on and off consistently, something called cycling.
  7. Your unit is exhausting dirt, rust, dust, or soot.
  8. You notice cracks in any of the components of your furnace.

I Have Noticed the Signs Listed Above and Think I Need a Furnace Replacement. . . What's Next?

make the callAfter noting any one of the eight bulleted signs above, the next thing you should do is call a trustworthy HVAC professional to come and assess the situation.  You may just be in need of some routine maintenance or repairs, but there is a possibility that you will need a full furnace replacement.  Do not let the cost of a furnace replacement sway your from getting the job done right the first time.  Putting off furnace replacement until you have no working system can be detrimental to your home's integrity (think of frozen pipes and compromised insulation) and your pocket (when you're in a bind, there is no time to shop around!).

Contractors should be able to offer an estimate that includes the type of furnace you are looking for, the brand, size, efficiency, warranty, and rating.  Also ask about a service contract or other perks that contractor may be willing to offer that can help you establish and maintain a great working  relationship with the contractor.  Be sure to inquire about the cost of removal and disposal of the old unit and ask about any other building permits or fees that may be accrued during the removal and installation process.  Finally, ask about the possibility of upgrading any ductwork, fuel delivery systems, thermostats, valves, chimneys, or electrical panels that may be necessary or helpful in keep your new unit running most efficiently.

If you live in the New York City area and are in need of a furnace replacement, or for more information call Cool Works today!

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