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Furnace Repair Maintenance Tips

Furnace repair can be costly and inconvenient.  But, if you take the proper precautions to maintain your unit before the system wears out, you may prevent the need for a major overhaul or replacement of your system.  Here are some maintenance tips to consider that should keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently.  Otherwise, you may risk a broken system, and that could mean deadly carbon monoxide being pumped into your home!

5 Furnace Repair Maintenance Tips

Furnace Shut Off Switch1.  Shut Down the System

First, it's incredibly important to know how to shut down your furnace or heating system before you attempt any self maintenance.  Shutting down the system includes turning off both the fuel supply and the electrical power.  Shutting both of these energy sources will prevent fires, electrocutions, and other worse accidents from happening during inspection and maintenance.  The red power switch plate for your home unit will probably be found near the top of your cellar stairs or near your burner.  Meanwhile, the fuel shut off valve will be found near the incoming gas pipe or oil tank.

2.  Clean the Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is a main part of your furnace system, as this is wear the fuel is mixed with air and ignited.  The result?  Heat!  But also soot, vapor, carbon dioxide, and more.  It's important to keep this combustion chamber clean to be sure no soot is built up, causing the chamber walls to corrode or other more significant furnace repair to be necessary.  Clean with a wire brush and shop vacuum.

3.  Inspect the Flue Pipe

Inspecting the flue pipe is as easy as it sounds.  Look for holes, and if you find any, assess how large they are.  Foil tape can be used to patch small holes, but larger holes or corroded flues will need to be replaced.  In that case, call a professional furnace repair company as soon as possible.

Inspection 4.  Replace the Oil Filter

Number four only relates to oil-powered systems.  Changing the filter can be quite easy, and important in preventing furnace repair.  A clogged filter can result in a misfire which will shut does the system.

5.  Change the Air Filter

Pure air is a necessity, and changing your heating system air filter at least once a year is a must!  This should be pretty easy to do, as long as you know the location of your air filter and the size to replace it with.

Additional Thoughts:

Additional maintenance that should be done yearly to keep your furnace running well include adjusting the burner and testing for efficiency and cleaning the floor vents.  Most of these tips are pretty easy, and can really help prevent the need for for further furnace repair in the future!  Even if you just need a professional to walk through the process with you once so you are comfortable and confident with what to do, give them a call!

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