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Cooling Tower Water Treatment

At CoolWorks, we understand that NYC cooling tower water treatment is a vitally important element in many industries.  Our services ensure maximum productivity and product quality by preventing corrosion, scale, fouling and microbiological contamination.

NYC Cooling Tower Water Treatment

The above water problems can be very expensive and damaging to your process operations if they cause loss of heat transfer in the cooling tower, equipment failure, or health concerns.  CoolWorks uses a unique approach by and looks at your water system from a mechanical, operational and chemical angle.  Our water treatment solutions are custom tailored to your unique cooling tower system situation.

Cool Works NY has been providing Manhattan with quality cooling tower water treatment service for more than 25 years. We ensure that your air conditioning unit is always working as efficiently and effectively.  Our service area includes: Tribeca, SoHo, Greenwich Village, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Lenox Hill, and more.

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