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Having the most efficient home heating can leave you with peace of mind, a good feeling about your utility budget, and a warm and cozy place to relax.  But today's world of hear-say and Internet blogging gurus can sometimes leaving you tricked into compromising your best heating options.  Don't be fooled by these home heating myths as the Winter months drag on and on. . . and sometimes on and on. . .

Five Myths About Home Heating

1.  Maintaining a consistent home temperature will save you money!

While this myth seems to make sense at first glance, maintaining a consistent home temperature will NOT save you money!  Any time you are heating or maintaining a temperature in your home that is different than that of the outside temperature (either cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter), you are using energy and therefore spending money.  Take advantage of sleeping hours and times away from home by lowering your home heating temperature when you are not there to enjoy it!

Today, programmable thermostats are a great way to stay (just about) hands off while you are saving money by adjusting your home temperature to fit your lifestyle.  Set the temperature at night to much cooler than the day.  Also, set your home temperature lower when you are away on vacation or off skiing for the weekend.  There are even options with the newest thermostats for SmartPhone apps to control your home or office temperature from a distance.

2.  A fireplace is more efficient than a central heating system.

Though a fireplace could have heated a home in the 17 or 1800s, unless it is specifically designed to be heated by a fireplace, it will most likely not work efficiently in 2017.  Though they are beautiful to look at and heat a single room, do not try to heat your whole home with a fireplace.

halogen-heater3.  Space heaters can save you money.

Space heaters are a tricky situation.  Designed to heat a small space like a garage or other unheated room, they need to be properly ventilated and fueled to be properly used.  They are also often run by electricity, and a large amount of electricity at that!  Though it seems like you have more control over a space heater to only heat the space you are immediately using, your home central system will heat your whole home more efficiently and at a lower cost overall.

4.  Only use ceiling fans in the summer.

Circulating the air in your home is one of the best ways to achieve effective home heating.  A ceiling fan set to pull cold air from the floor up towards the ceiling and push hot air back to the floor will help the cooler air be heated and recycled back down throughout the room.      So, in fact, ceiling fans should not only be used in the summer months!

For other great home heating tips and tricks, check out our home page.  Cool Works NY is the best in Manhattan commercial and residential heating and air conditioning installation, repairs, and services.  Call today!  212-321-2665

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