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Commercial Heating System Replacement

CoolWorks Co specializes in Commercial Heating System Replacement for Manhattan-area businesses

Your Company’s heating unit probably uses a substantial amount of energy during the cold, winter months. At Cool Works Heating and Air-conditioning, we will help you choose the most efficient replacement heating system for your budget & needs.  We are your  HVAC NYC source no matter what size job you may have.

Our Furnaces

An energy-efficient gas furnace offers combined stages of heat and reacts to the demand for heat throughout your business. In other words, it does not run at maximum capacity all the time. It heats the areas when you need heat, and where you need heat.

It may be time to replace, if you’re still using a furnace with one stage of heat and one-stage airflow! Installing a furnace with multiple stages of variable airflow, heat and dehumidification control is the first action toward assuring the efficiency of your heating system. Furnaces running at low speeds also remove three to four times more humidity and do a much better function of filtering indoor air! Proper installation also helps keep your central heating and air conditioning system operating quietly and efficiently.

Venting: Proper venting of both forced-air gas furnace and central air conditioning systems is important for your safety, and for fire prevention and carbon monoxide leak prevention. Cool Works always takes special care with venting systems.

Plumbing: Plumbing of natural gas lines and sometimes water supply and drain lines is required. Our technicians are trained in every aspect of plumbing work associated with your new furnace or air conditioner.

Ductwork: The ductwork that circulates air in your home or office also has specific building code requirements. Cool Works has the most experienced air duct technicians who will install air ducts properly to eliminate leaks and maximize energy efficiency.

Electrical: Electrical wiring is part of every installation, as adherence to building code requirements is important for your safety.

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