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Are You In Need of Heating Repair Services?

If you're living in the NYC area during the winter, you never know when you may need to crank up the heat. Needing heating repair when your house feels colder than the inside of your refrigerator is never fun. Your system may be in need of heating repair and, while a good maintenance session can spot general signs of trouble, you can help the process out by watching out for certain indicators that your heater needs some professional attention. Here are some indications that you may need heating repair:

Indications That You May Need Heating Repair

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  • The Heater Won’t Turn Off - If your heater runs constantly without any sign of turning off it probably means that either it isn’t generating enough hot air or that the air flow in your ducts is sufficiently restricted to slow heat into your home. You can usually spot the signs if you keep having to turn your thermostat up.
  • Strange Noises Come from Your System - A strange noise qualifies as any noise you don’t normally associate with the functioning of your heater. It can include humming, rattling, moaning, buzzing or chirping noises. The causes can be anything from detritus caught in the exhaust fan to a clog in the lines. It will only get worse when you run your heater untreated. Turn it off and call a professional for heating repair services right away.
  • There’s Trouble with the Ignition - In modern furnaces, the ignition is usually electrically generated, and if it’s not receiving power, then your furnace may struggle to turn on. If your system has a pilot light, make sure the light is on and burns blue instead of yellow (yellow flame indicates a bad fuel mix).

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