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4 Tips for Keeping your Commercial Building Cozy All Winter Long

No matter the task, Cool Works is ready to help you with your HVAC needs. Regardless of what your commercial heating and cooling situation may be, Cool Works has experience, knowledge and professional quality services to assist you with all maintenance and repairs. With winter right around the corner and cold weather creeping in, there's no better time to call a trusted commercial HVAC company of New York City to have your furnace examined, repaired or installed.

Utilizing our extensive heating knowledge, we have compiled a list of three very important tips in keeping your furnace working throughout the long winter months.

What a Commercial HVAC Company Can Do for You

  • Manhattan Commercial HVAC CompanyClean/Replace Filter

    – One of the easiest and yet most essential ways to keep your HVAC system running properly is by staying on top of the filtering system. When filters are properly cleaned or replaced, your energy costs will dramatically decrease, as clogs and debris will no longer be forcing your system to work extra just to heat your building. This will also improve the quality of the air in your office or workspace, since extra dust and particles won't be pumped in with the heat. You should clean or replace your filter about every three months in order to keep it working at maximum efficiency.


  • Manhattan Commercial HVAC Services  Check Your Vents! – The same thing that applies to filters applies to the vents that are circulating the air in your commercial property; if they become clogged, it will obstruct airflow, making your system use more energy to heat the air. This will cost you a lot of money in the not-so-long run, so it's important to check your vents regularly for any blockages.


  • Commercial HVAC Company in ManhattanKeep Flammable Objects Away – It is incredibly important to make sure that flammable materials and objects such as paper products, aerosol sprays, plastic objects, etc. are never kept in close range of your heat source. All objects should be kept a bare minimum of three feet away from any vents or other heat to ensure that there are no fires. This will help you avoid damage to your property and, more importantly, loss of life to everyone in your building.


  • Check the Efficiency Rating of Your System – Most people don't know that modern high-efficiency furnaces can save as much as 50% in operating costs over a ten-year-old furnace! Many 1990 and earlier model furnaces have Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings of 65% or less, however, the minimum AFUE rated furnace that can be sold in the United States today is 80%. Cool Works' current product offering starts at 80% AFUE rating and goes all the way up to a very efficient 96.6% rating. Depending on your average usage, higher AFUE rated furnaces can significantly reduce your gas bill, so getting one will definitely help you save money on heating your commercial property during the wintertime.

At Cool Works, we offer quality furnace service and repair in NYC with variable and multi-speed features that can provide enhanced indoor comfort. We offer some of the best expertise in the industry, so call or contact us today to check out our commercial HVAC company solutions!

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